Over 40 years’ experience and knowledge

Medi-Waves Inc. was established in 1980 with a vision to create a niche market for it self in Electro Medical Equipments, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Goods and Weighing Scales.

We have our own state of art manufacturing units of various Medical, Hospital and Surgical instruments and equipment of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health Clinics, Physiotherapy Contuses etc. and has long list of satisfactory customers.


We Provide 100% Genuine Quality Products.

We are devoted to providing a one stop sales model to customer; we give more important care to customer’s satisfaction. Our success has been mainly achieved by following the corporate philosophy of being firmly committed to “Integrity is the base, Customer is the first”. Our vision is providing the world class products and service improving health-care system worldwide to the top level. Wish you will enjoy our products and service in near future.

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