HK 400 Syringe Pump


> Large and Colorful LCD Display
> Automatic syringe size-recognition
> Rate mode, time mode, body weight mode
> Various brands of syringes: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml
> Anti-bolus function
> History records
> Panel Lock
> Adjustable buzzer volume (3 levels)
> Automatic syringe size-recognition
> Night mode ensure good rest of patients
> 90°rotation pole clamp convenient for horizontal bar, vertical IV Pole & platform use
> RS232 Interface


Applicable syringes Various brands of syringes: 10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml/60ml
Accuracy ±2% (mechanical ±1%)
Flow rate 10ml: 0.1 ml/h -300ml/h
20ml: 0.1 ml/h -600ml/h
30ml: 0.1 ml/h -900ml/h
50ml: 0.1 ml/h -1500ml/h
Bolus rate 10ml: 100-300ml/h (default 300ml)
20ml: 100-600ml/h (default 600ml)
30ml: 100-900ml/h (default 900ml)
50ml: 100-1500ml/h (default 1500ml)
Purge rate 10ml: 300ml
20ml: 600ml
50ml: 1500ml
Volume to be infused (VTBI) 0.1ml~1000ml
Injection increment 0.1ml
Infusion mode Rate mode, Time mode, body weight mode
Time mode Volume limit: 0.1~999.9ml
Pre-set Time: 1min to 99h99min
Remaining time: **h **min
Occlusion pressure detection 3 adjustable occlusion pressure settings: low, middle and high
Alarm function Infusion completion, near completion, Empty, Occlusion, Low battery, Syringe disengaged, incorrect installation of syringe plunger, No AC power supply, low battery, battery exhausted, malfunction etc.
Battery Rechargeable lithium polymer battery,7.4V,1900mAh
Can operate about 6 hours at 25ml/h after fully charged.
Dimensions 30×12.9×13cm (length×width×height)
weight ≤2 kg


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