Hospital Fowler Bed (MHB-08)

Positions obtained by Smooth Crank System with foldable handles

  • Backrest elevation
  • Kneerest elevation


  • 4 Section Mattress
  • S.S. Telescopic I.V. Rod
  • Collapsable Safety Side Rail.

Overall Approx Size : 2090L x 910W x 600H mm.

  • Tubular Head and Foot Bows of unequal height with vertical tube support
  • Frame work made of Rectangular M.S. Tube
  • 4 Section top made up of perforated CRCA MS Sheet
  • Bed Mounted on 100mm Dia Castor, 2 with brake
  • Holder for Urine bag.
  • Four Location for IV Rod.
  • Finish : Pretreated & Epoxy Powder Coated.


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