Mortuary Scale

Weighing scale with a platform for taking weights of cadavers. It is designed to withstand intensive use and the most rigorous conditions of a mortuary / forensic department. Conducting multiple examinations per day measuring dead body weight ranging from 0 to 300kg. Memory to print the weight of the last 20 patient weights. The 5ft cable allows you to position the scale on the floor with the display on a countertop or mount it on a wall mounting. Wireless Remote Display is suitable for easy viewing by assistants.


Features :

> The ultimate performance and low cost, 4 Loadcell low profile dead body weighing scale
> Ideal for labs, clinics forensic / cremation services
> Indicator Complete ABS – Corrosion free body
> Option for Wireless Remote Display
> Built-in thermal printer for weight receipts
> The low plateform height, facilitates access
> Stability weighing program, during the weighing process, a stable average value is obtained by pressing the HOLD key. This value remains frozen until the HOLD key press again. This leaves sufficient time to look at the reading and print a receipt as required on desk printer.
> Simple and convenient 4-key operation Auto off option
> Optional Intergrated rechargable batteries
> Wall mount option for the display device 0.5″ std LED display.

Applications :

Hospitals | Clinics | Social Organization | Cremation Services | Forensic Services

Specifications :

Capacity : 300 Kg
Pulse Range : 30 to 199 bpm
Accuracy : 0.5 Kg
Display : Red LED 0.8″x2″
Frame / Platefarm MOC : MS / SS Platter
Weight : 41 Kg
Dimensions : 1800x750x110mm


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