Pulse Oximeter

This Fingertip Pulse Oximeter designed to provide an easy and accurate way for spot-checking your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate with an accuracy of +- 1%.

Features :

Bright LED Display The bright LED display allows use in low light. This bright display is viewable in any environment – from dark surroundings to bright sunlight.
Easy Battery Removal The quick snap-off cover allows for an easy removal batteries and takes screws out of the equation. (Uses 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries) You will see a ‘Low Battery’ indicator to signal you to replace your batteries.
Automatic Power Off The pulse oximeter will automatically shut off after 5 seconds without use. Great for saving your battery life.
Portable and Easy to Carry The small size of the oximeter makes it easy for you to carry around in your everyday life. > Dimensions 57 x 31 x 34 millimeter. Weight: 1.8 ounce (50 gram).
Accuracy The gold standard for accuracy. SP02 Accuracy is +- 1% (70-99%) Pulse Rate Accuracy is +- 1 bpm.
Adjustable The 45 degree adjustable springed hinge allows the pulse oximeter to adjust to any adult sized finger. This hinge also helps prevent interference from ambient light. Hypoallergenic High quality silicon probe is completely hypoallergenic and latex free.

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